Mini-Symposium on the History 3/3

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Publicado em 24/08/2010
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General Information The Department of Economics at the University of São Paulo is very pleased to organize the mini-symposium on the history of postwar economics, which is open to anyone who wishes to attend it. This event aims to bring together renowned international and local scholars in the field of history of economics to discuss important aspects of the development of economics after World War II. In order to devote as much time as possible for an open discussion among all participants, in the first day there will be a few (non-parallel) sessions that will last about one hour and forty minutes: forty minutes for the presentation of the paper, ten minutes for comments by a local scholar, and the remaining forty minutes dedicated to general discussion. The symposium will be closed, in the second day, by a round-table in which all presenters will have about twenty minutes to ponder the general topic of the symposium, possibly with an emphasis on the issue of how the historical analysis illuminates the curr