COLÓQUIO - IFUSP:ew methods and technology in medical physics: the impact on the students

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Publicado em 14/09/2017
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Responsáveis:  Luiz Cezar Galizio
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Palestrantes:  Prof. Adam Cunha

he training of medical physicists is necessarily dynamic. With
noticeable changes in clinical technology notably significant after 10
years if not 5. The necessary knowledge for newly-trained physicists to be
effective and safe in a clinical environment grows with constantly-evolving
technology and treatment methods. The training of medical physicists in
the United States had been relatively stagnant, but in 2012 new
requirements were implemented that significantly changed the path from
collage to clinical practice. This talk will discuss these changes and
their impact on students, educators, and clinicians. An overview of the
current state of medical physics education in the United States will
presented with a special focus on the impact for international (non-U.S.)
students interested in training in the United States.