The Simplified, Effective, Labor Monitoring to Action Tool for Better Outcomes in Labour Difficulty

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Publicado em 05/05/2015
Responsáveis:  Gustavo Blengini Faria
Grupo:  CeMEAI

In this talk I present some proposed statistical methods to solve problems in the area of reproductive health. The project namely Simplified, Effective, Labor Monitoring to Action (SELMA) is part of a major project: Better Outcomes in Labour Difficulty (BOLD). Its objective is the development of the SELMA tool. SELMA is an algorithm to guide health professionals, offering a solution to avert intrapartum-related fetal death of babies (stillbirth) and neonatal death or severe morbidity. This tool consider different outcomes and predictors which determine the risk of severe perinatal outcomes related to labour, providing customized guidance for the management of labour, including the use of amniotomy, labour augmentation and C-section. It provides a benchmark for labour management in health facilities. Our proposed structure considers a different point of view to answer questions on risk that consider survival analysis to made the SELMA.