Statistical Innovation in Brazil: Technology Transfer and Products

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Publicado em Fri Mar 20 14:35:16 BRT 2015
Responsáveis:  Gustavo Blengini Faria
Palestrantes:  Francisco Louzada Neto
Grupo:  CeMEAI

The statistical science has reached a remarkable stage of academic growth, which has been driven by its huge applicability in virtually all areas of knowledge. Despite this success, there exists at least one area in which the statistics has not kept up the progress experienced by other sciences, particularly in developing countries. It is the development of statistics as activity with interdisciplinary potential to promote technological development, and effectively contribute to the productive sector to increase its value through the development of specific statistical products. In the above context, innovation and technology transfer are crucial for efficient communication between statistical researchers and industry, promoting interaction with professionals in the public and productive sectors, as well as with the population. In this conference I present the main statistical products that have been developed for the Group of Risk Assessment at the Centre for Mathematic Sciences Applied to Industry (CEPID-CeMEAI) to approximate the academy, the productive sector and the population in general in Brazil.