Colóquios do IFSC - Indirect dark matter search with the AMS-02 experiment

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Publicado em Fri Sep 26 11:55:53 BRT 2014
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Responsáveis:  Luis Henrique Carrara
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The AMS-02 experiment is a particle physics detector in space. The instrument is taking data since May 2011 onboard the International Space Station, and it is devoted to the precise measurement of cosmic rays in the GeV to TeV range, as well as to the search for primordial antimatter and dark matter.
In three years of data taking, AMS has collected more than 50 billion cosmic rays: this is much more than all the cosmic rays collected in the past 100 years.
In this seminar the detection technique of cosmic rays will be described, together with the performance of the AMS-02 detector. The recent measurements concerning the flux of cosmic particles up to the TeV region will be discussed, and some phenomenological implications outlined. Particular emphasis will be given to the AMS measurement of electrons and positrons fluxes, together with their interpretations in terms of dark matter annihilation in the nearby Universe