Maxwell (like) and Navier-Stokes (like) Equations Equivalent to Einstein Equation

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Publicado em Wed May 23 11:08:33 BRT 2012
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Date: 04.05.2012 - 16 horas - Auditório Antônio Gilioli - IME USP - Bloco A

Speaker: Waldyr Alves Rodrigues Junior - IMECC-UNICAMP - (

Title: Maxwell (like) and Navier-Stokes (like) Equations Equivalent to Einstein Equation.

Abstract: In this lecture I am concerned to reveal that any space time structure < M, D, g, \tau_g, ^ > which is a model of gravitational field in General Relativity generated by a energy-moment tensor T - and which contains at least one Killing vector field A - is such that the 2-form Field F = dA (where A = g(A,)), satisfies a Maxwell like equation - with a well determined current that contains a term of superconducting type. Moreover, the Maxwell equations for F are straightforwardly shown to be equivalent to Einstein equation and to a Navier-Stokes equation as well. As a result, I exhibit a set of consisted of Einstein, Maxwell and Navier-Stokes equations that are completely equivalent from the mathematical point view, once some identifications about field variables are evince, as will be explained during the lecture.

I compare and emulate the results obtained with others on the same subject appearing in the literature.

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